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The Propertycare online tenant portal provides you with easy and secure way to pay rent and other charges online, submit maintenance requests from any mobile device, and stay connected with us.

Tenant Portal

Rent Payment Options

Propertycare provides a variety of convenient and secure online payment options. Residents can pay rent 3 different ways:


  • Electronic funds transfer from checking or savings account
  • Setup secure automatic recurring monthly rent payments
  • No more paper checks
  • Free and carry no additional fee

Credit Card

  • Rent is charged to the credit or debit card as a credit card transaction
  • Easy, seamless and secure
  • Transactions are approved at the time of payment
  • Transaction fee required at time of payment

Cash Payments

  • Pay your rent at a local  Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, or ACE Cash Express
  • Rent payment posted within minutes and a receipt provided
  • No in-office visit required
  • Small transaction fee of $3.99 for transactions up to $2,000
  • Cash payslip from tenant portal required to pay at locations

Maintenance Requests

If a Maintenance issue should arise, please log on to your resident portal and submit a maintenance request. Please be as detailed as possible in describing the maintenance request and the best contact number.? A vendor will be dispatched and will be in contact with you within 24 hours of the request.? Kindly give us a call if a vendor has not contacted you within 24 hours of subbmitting your request. Please be prepared to schedule time with the vendor and please make yourself available at the scheduled time.

Tenant Portal

Residential Leasing & Inventory Forms

Normal wear and tear is a part of renting that every landlord expects, however, what is considered normal and what is considered damages can depend on the condition when you first move into your new home. That is why it is important for you to fill out, complete, and submit the Residential Lease and Inventory Condition Form when you first move in to your new place.

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Moving Proceedures

To initiate a move-out request, please log into your Tenant portal and select "Request Notice to Vacate" under Contact Us menu. 

After your request has been received, additional documents will be provided via DocuSign for review.

Tenant Portal